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Valletta Hockey Masters 2018

October 5th, 2017 | Posted by Editor in General - (0 Comments)

In 2018 the Hockey Association Malta celebrates its 50th Anniversary. A historic milestone for such a small Association. The Valletta Hockey Masters Tournament is being organised as part of the celebrations of this event but the plan is to make this a regular celebration of hockey built on fun, friendship and fraternity.

This international tournament for male veterans aged 45+ will be played on an artificial grass surface at the Corradino National Hockey Complex between the 16th and 18th March.

Grima signs Hotsticks’ win over Rabat

December 19th, 2013 | Posted by Editor in Senior Team - (0 Comments)
S. Grima scores Hotsticks' winner

S. Grima scores Hotsticks’ winner


Starting Formation: Borg Emile, Plaehn Lukas, Borg Karl, Imbroll Andrei, George Ryan, Portelli Steve, Baldacchino Simon, Scicluna Keith, Grima Shaun, Cachia Steven, Dalli Ryan

Substitutes who Played: Vassallo Elton, Plaehn Silas, Rasterhoff Ludolf

With the Team: Galea Matthew

Scorer: Shaun Grima

Umpires: Paul Brincat, David Agius

Disciplinary Measures: Julian Zahra (Yellow Card)

Three minutes into the match Grima scored the all-important goal to win Hotsticks the first two points of the season. Sliema effected some changes from their previous formation against Young Stars. This proved to be effective as they gave Rabat players little space to maneuver. At the other end Zahra and Dalli received well from the right but failed to extend Hotsticks’ lead.

Hotsticks kept their composure in the second half. They controlled well and went close on a couple of occasions. In the fifteenth minute Grima and Portelli combined well, but the latter’s deflection at goal hit the Rabat goalkeeper. In the twenty-fifth minute Rasterhoff went close from a penalty corner. Rabat pushed forward to equalise but on the day Hotsticks managed to hang on.


On Saturday Hotsticks debuted in this year’s Under-13 League. It was a very balanced affair but Hotsticks were leading by two goals to nil until two minutes from the end. A great comeback from the Qormi side leveled matters and the end result was a just one. Christ Agius scored both goals for the Sliema side.

9-a-side: SLIEMA HOTSTICKS 2 (0) QORMI 4 (0)

Hotsticks started strong and controlled the first half effectively. They created numerous chances but failed to convert them. They were made to pay dearly for this as in the second half Qormi took a two-goal lead. Sliema pulled one back through Zahra but some defensive blunders enabled Qormi to score another two. The Blues kept on the pressure and the Qormi goalkeeper proved to be the man of the match with a number of heroic saves. In the seventieth minute Grima scored Hotsticks’ second to register a more respectable result.

Annual General Meeting elects new committee

June 15th, 2013 | Posted by Editor in Club - (0 Comments)

With the hockey season drawing to an end, Sliema Hotsticks have already elected a new committee for season 2013-14 during its Annual General Meeting held on Friday 14 June.

A number of new faces were elected to the club’s committee. These are Michael Bugeja, Shaun Grima and Robert Prentice. Furthermore, Manuel Imbroll returned to the club’s administration after a two-year absence.

The club cannot but thank the members who are no longer on the committee. Among these are long-serving President Mrs Lilyen Fiedler who decided not to contest her post and Mr Mario Lentini who sat on the club’s committee for almost 20 years. Lukas Plaehn and Juan Vella will also not form part of this year’s committee. Their services will be sorely missed as their contribution has brought the club to where it is today.

Following yesterday’s AGM, the members serving on the new committee are the following:

President: Manuel Imbroll
Vice-President: Tony Caruana Smith
Secretary: Keith Scicluna
Treasurer: Ryan George
Fund Raising Officer: Ruth Borg
Co-ordinator: Pierre George
Public Relations Officer: Robert Prentice
Senior Member: Michael Bugeja
Youth Member: Emile Borg
Youth Member: Shaun Grima

Under-12 Champions!

June 2nd, 2013 | Posted by Editor in Nursery - (0 Comments)

Sliema Hotsticks Under-12 Champions 2012-13

Sliema Hotsticks Under-12 Champions 2012-13


Sliema Hotsticks claimed this year’s Under-12 league title in style, two years after their last success in the same category. With nine wins in ten matches, thirty-two goals scored and only two conceded, Hotsticks brought home the twenty-second junior title in the club’s history.

Christ Agius was the team’s most prolific scorer with 21 goals. At the other end, Luke Bonnici safeguarded the Sliema goal with his outstanding performances. Both players proved to be among the most promising players of the club. These were well supported by the experience of the team’s eldest player, Shania Galea.

Hostsicks have been fielding a number of foreign players in recent years. The Dutch twins, Marnix and Bastiaan Rasterhoff, were among the protagonists of this unforgettable season. So much so that the team registered its only defeat the only time they were away. Finish player Ilmari Edelmann and Hungarian Jacky Szephalmi were two newcomers who integrated well with the team, auguring well for the future.

There is much more to this team. The determination and passion of Sven Agius, the sportsmanship and clean play of Matthew Camenzuli, together with the versatility of nine-year-old Alec Newell completed the team. Newell also managed to mark his first hat-trick for the club in yesterday’s match against Young Stars.

Also with the team were a number of younger players who gained a lot of experience throughout the season. These were the volcanic goalkeeper Mark De Marco, Kurt Bonnici and Claydon Mifsud.

All this was only possible thanks to the dedicated services and commitment of Coach Ludolf and Coach Robert. Managing this variegated and multicultural team, together with the many difficulties that cropped up throughout the entire season, was no easy task. The title was the end result of a great success story.


Results 2012-13

Round 1
Sliema Hs vs Stelmar 2 – 0 (Agius Christ 2)
Stelmar Hs vs Qormi 0 – 2
Sliema Hs vs Young Stars 4 – 0 (Agius Christ 2, Agius Sven, Newell Alec)
Sliema Hs Qormi 3 – 0 (Agius Christ 3)
Stelmar Hs vs Young Stars 2 – 0 (Lucia Michele, Sciberras Kyle)

Round 2
Stelmar Hs vs Qormi 0 – 3
Sliema Hs vs Stelmar Hs 2 – 0 (Agius Christ, Rasterhoff Marnix)
Sliema Hs vs Qormi 3 – 0 (Agius Christ 3)

Round 3
Sliema Hs vs Qormi 0 – 2
Sliema Hs vs Young Stars 7 – 0 (Agius Christ 4, Edelmann Ilmari, Bonnici Kurt, Galea Shania)

Round 4
Stelmar Hs 0 Qormi 1
Sliema Hs 6 Young Stars 0 (Newell Alec 3, Agius Christ 2, Rasterhoff Bastiaan)
Sliema Hs 4 Stelmar 0 (Agius Christ 3, Rasterhoff Bastiaan)
Stelmar Hs 1 Young Stars 0 (Camilleri Luke)
Sliema Hs 1 Qormi 0 (Agius Christ)


Agius Christ – 21
Newell Alec – 4
Rasterhoff Bastiaan – 2
Agius Sven – 1
Bonnici Kurt – 1
Edelmann Ilmari – 1
Galea Shania – 1
Rasterhoff Marnix – 1

Hotsticks make it three in a row

March 25th, 2013 | Posted by Editor in Senior Team - (0 Comments)


Sliema registered their third win in as many matches to climb into third place in the National League. The first thirty-five minutes saw both teams opting for a cautious approach. Hotsticks went closest to opening the score through Lukas Plaehn. At the other end, Rabat threatened the Sliema goal from their penalty corners.

The game geared up in the second half almost from the start. Hotsticks opened the score after just three minutes. From a penalty corner set-piece Imbroll set-up Portelli who shot past the Rabat goalkeeper. Six minutes later the same Portelli stepped in to double the score from the spot. Hotsticks kept the pressure on but Rabat were not to be trusted.

Sliema should have increased the score but they missed on a couple of easy chances. They paid dearly for this as from one of their counter breaks Rabat obtained a penalty corner and reduced their goal deficit. Rabat gained confidence thanks to this goal and it was not long until they leveled the score from yet another penalty corner. This could have been a big blow for the Sliema side but it was not over yet.

Hotsticks were used to great comebacks this season but this time they were the protagonists on the other side of the scenario. Against all expectations in such situations Hotsticks started building up the pressure. Their play was very effective on the right flank particularly when the Plaehn brothers and Shaun Grima combined together. Five minutes from time, Hotsticks sealed the win when a hit into the Dee was deflected by Plaehn and Scicluna past the goalkeeper. The ball trickled beyond the goal-line and it was only the umpire’s signal towards the half way line that confirmed the goal. A goal that was assigned to the Sliema captain, Scicluna.

With this win Hotsticks are now in third place, two points ahead of Rabat and White Hart. Young Stars are only three points away and Sliema can still fight it out for the runner-up spot in the third and final round.

Starting Formation: Borg Emile, Borg Karl, Imbroll Andrei, George Ryan, Plaehn Silas, Baldacchino Simon, Scicluna Keith, Grima Shaun, Portelli Steve, Cacopardo Dario, Plaehn Lukas

Scorers: Portelli Steve 2, Scicluna Keith

Umpires: Paul Brincat / Andre Ghio

Disciplinary Measures: Keith Scicluna (Yellow Card)

Under-12 League

Stelmar Hs 0 Qormi 3
Sliema Hs 2 Stelmar 0 (Marnix Rasterhoff, Christ Agius)
Qormi 0 Sliema Hs 3 (Christ Agius 3)

On Saturday, Sliema Hotsticks won the second tournament in the Under-12 competition. Having won the first tournament, Sliema are hot favorites to land the title in this junior category.

Against all odds, Sliema Hs struggled much more to overcome second team Stelmar Hs rather than the main challengers Qormi. Stlemar are a new side and they have impressed in both tournaments so far. Sliema scored in the dying minutes of their first game against Stelmar thanks to goals from Christ Agius and Marnix Rasterhoff.

In their decisive game, Sliema opened the score thanks to Christ Agius. Qormi could have leveled it a few minutes later from the spot but Luke Bonnici denied the Qormi player. Bonnici is one of the club’s most promising talents and on Saturday he lived up to his expectations. Christ Agius and Alec Newell created havoc in the Qormi defense. It was the same Agius who scored another two and sealed the victory for his team.

Sliema managed to concede no goal so far this season. Shania Galea, together with the twins, Marnix and Bastiaan Rasterhoff must be commended for their sterling performances.

Sliema will be looking to wrap up the title in the next tournament, in three weeks’ time.